Question: How do I get rid of an old air conditioner?

How do I dispose of an air conditioner?

How to Correctly Dispose of an Air Conditioner?Send It off to a Scrap Yard. Qualified scrap yards undertake the air conditioner disposal process according to EPA regulations. Search for a Rebate Program. Consult Your Local Disposal Agency. Opt for a Retailer Exchange. Go Environmentally Friendly & Recycle.Jul 17, 2021

What do I do with my old air conditioner?

You can choose to recycle the air conditioner by taking it to a recycling centre near you and letting them take care of everything else. You can also choose to use bounty programs as a way of getting rid of your air conditioner. Furthermore, do not forget that donating an old air conditioner is also an option.

How much is an AC worth for scrap?

On average if you are scrapping a whole window air conditioning unit with you scrap yard, you may get paid between $4-6 for it. However, if you take apart that same window unit, you may be tripling your earnings by getting anywhere from $12-18 for the various materials and metals inside, especially the copper tubing.

Are old air conditioners worth money?

While not everyone has the time, resources or ability to scrap their old central air conditioners, they are still worth money even if they are sold to a scrapyard as a sealed unit.

Can you scrap an air conditioner?

An air conditioner is a great source of recyclable materials, such as copper aluminum coils and electronic motors. The shell, grill, screws and the fan are all worth money. Taking it apart and then selling the parts as scrap can help you get the most value. AC units contain Freon, a substance which is ozone-depleting.

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