Question: Where can I find tomes another Eden?

Where to Farm Tomes in Another Eden. Tomes are found by completing the Another Dungeon sections available through tapping the blue elevator in the Spaceimte Rift. These extra dungeons take you to more difficult versions of areas that youve previously finished in the main story.

Where is Cerrine another Eden?

Cerrine is the third Chance Encounter character released during version 1.4. 1. She can be found on IDA School H Block 3F, after completing Chapter 13 of the main story and completing IDA School Part 1: Absolute Zero Chain.

How do you rank up another Eden?

If you want to level your character up fast in Another Eden, there are a few things you can do:Use scrolls. There are three types of scrolls (Low, Medium, and High) that can give your character a huge EXP boost without having to fight. Grinding enemies. This is basically your go-to method for leveling your units.7 Feb 2019

How do you beat Azami?

For Azami you must fight her five times before she will join you, and each time she will be stronger. After completing her final fight, Azami can be challenged again if she is not part of your active party.

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