Question: How do you get skins in Hero Wars?

In addition to real-money purchases, skins can be acquired through skin stones. There are three types of stones, namely strength, agility, and intellect. Whether you need one or the other is entirely dependent on the hero you want to dress up. For instance, Astaroths Devil Skin needs 5k strength stones to be unlocked.

How do you get items in Hero Wars?

You can get various rare items from the Arena Shop as well as specific Hero Soul stones. The Daily Quest only requires you to fight three times per day, but you actually have five battles available. Try to use them all up daily to maximize your earnings.

How do you get a Titan skin stone in Hero Wars?

🔥Titan Skin Stones can be obtained in the Dungeon Shop, in exchange for Dungeon Coins. Dungeon Coins, in turn, can only be obtained by completing two daily tasks, so in total you can get 1500 Coins per day.

How do you get winter skins in Hero Wars?

Winter Skins can be unlocked during the Winterfest.

Do skins matter in Hero Wars?

Every day, Hero Wars gives its players pop-ups with special discounts on hero skins, but do these items matter in any way or are they just cosmetic improvements for players who have too much money to spend? The short answer is both. Every day, Hero Wars lets you purchase three separate skins on discount.

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