Question: Is it better to combine enchantments?

When combining two items, both penalties are added to the cost, but the new items penalty is calculated using only the higher of the two penalties. The optimal strategy is therefore to start high up and combine items with similar prior work penalties.

Is it better to combine enchant books or items?

Lower level enchantment books are easier to acquire. If you have two enchanted books that are the same enchantment and level, you can combine the two enchanted books to create one enchanted book that is one level higher....How to Increase Level for Enchanted Book in Minecraft.Books to CombineResultLevel 3 + Level 3 =Level 4Level 4 + Level 4 =Level 52 more rows

Is it cheaper to combine enchanted books?

Combining a tool with an enchanted book to add the books enchantment to the tool. This costs much less than combining enchantments from two similar items, and can give enchantments to items that they could not get at an enchanting table.

What is the best combination of enchantments?

The optimal enchantment orders is {[(Helmet + Respiration III)@6 + (Protection IV + Aqua Affinity)@2]@8 + (Unbreaking III + Mending)@2}@9 with a cost of 6 + 2 + 2 + 8 + 9 = 27 levels.

How do you combine enchantments efficiently?

The way to approach it is to combine enchantments in form of a binary tree - merge same cost books in pairs (then potentially merge these pairs), treating the original tool as one of the leaves of the binary tree (same as one level 1 book).

Can you combine sharpness 2 and sharpness 3?

Two sharpness IV Swords to make a sharpness V sword. To make a sharpness 3 sword, both swords would need to have sharpness 2. As a general rule in tool combing, you must combine two of the same tier to raise them up by one, it does not add the tiers together. So Sharpness 1 and Sharpness 2 cant make sharpness 3.

Does it cost more XP to enchant Netherite?

The higher the experience points required to unlock the enchantment, the better the enchantment. If you dont have enough levels, you can always earn more experience points by killing mobs or using the /xp command. TIP: If you hover over the slot, you will see the name of the enchantment and the cost.

Can you combine 4 efficiency pickaxes?

Yes, it is possible. Ive tested this, and here are the results: Combining 16 Efficiency I books into 8 Efficiency II books: 2 levels each (16 levels) Combining these 8 books into 4 Efficiency III books: 5 levels each (20 levels)

Can you combine a Netherite and diamond pick?

Heres how to upgrade your Diamond items to Netherite items: Get a Smithing Table, either by crafting one using Iron Ingots and planks or by stealing one from a village. Combine your Diamond item with a Netherite Ingot using the Smithing Table.

Do your enchantments carry over to Netherite?

Whats interesting is that in the pre-release of the Nether Update, creating a Netherite tool would repair all durability but not carry over enchantments, but now it works in the opposite way. Enchantments will carry over, but youll need to repair it with an anvil to fix the durability.

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