Question: How old is Macca on ABC?

Ian McNamara AM age 56.

Is Macca from ABC married?

Married and divorced, he has no kids, but has been in a long-term relationship with his producer, Lee Kelly, whom he often mentions on the show as “Kells”, without letting on about their status. She is said to be the steadying force in the dynamics of the show, countering McNamaras endemic vagueness.

How long has maccas been on ABC radio?

The show airs each Sunday morning from 5:30am until 10am on the ABC Local Radio network and has been continuously presented by Ian McNamara since 1985.

When did Macca start Australia All Over?

Ian started presenting Australia All Over in late 1981, and in 1984 he was appointed Executive Producer of the current affairs program City Extra (a 2BL current affairs show), but late in 1985 he returned to the Regional Radio Unit as Executive Producer of programs including Morning Extra, Australia All Over, and ...

Is Macca still on ABC radio?

Ian McNamara AM, commonly known as Macca, is an Australian radio presenter, singer-songwriter and producer, best known for hosting the Australian Broadcasting Corporations long running radio program Australia All Over on the ABC Local Radio network.

What radio frequency is ABC?

Appendix 12 - Radio transmission frequenciesABC RadioStateArea ServedFrequencyNSWNewcastle1233NSWNyngan95.1NSWPort Stephens95.9126 more rows

Who is Kell on Australia All Over?

Ian MacNamaras Australia All Over Lee Kelly (Kell) is Maccas producer. Shes also his wife. Together theyre a seasoned couple of broadcasters with a well organised routine.

How old is Mcdonalds?

66 years (April 15, 1955) McDonalds/Age

Who is Lee Kelly?

Lee Kelly (born 1932) is an American sculptor who has more than 30 sculptures on display between Eugene, Oregon and Vancouver, Washington. Kelly has been called Oregons sculptor.

What is the frequency for ABC radio?

Appendix 12 - Radio transmission frequenciesABC RadioStateArea ServedFrequencyNSWTumut97.9NSWUpper Hunter105.7NSWUpper Namoi99.1126 more rows

What is the frequency for ABC Radio Brisbane?

4QR The metropolitan stations are: ABC Radio Sydney (2BL) ABC Radio Melbourne (3LO) ABC Radio Brisbane (4QR)

Who is McDonald owner?

Besides being an engaging movie, it had a lot of lessons for entrepreneurs and investors. The Founder is the story of how a passionate salesman, Ray Kroc, partnered with Mac and Dick McDonald to build out the McDonalds franchise network.

What happened Tony Delroy?

He joined the Australian Broadcasting Corporation and worked on-air in Bathurst while studying journalism. After a short stint in Launceston, Delroy was appointed news director of 2UE. Delroy retired on 2 September 2016, after 26 years hosting Nightlife and 30 years with the ABC.

How do I get ABC radio on my iPhone?

To download the app go to the App Store for your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch or the Google Play Store for your Android phone or tablet. The ABC listen app will allow you to listen live, search for and save your favourite programs, create a playlist and download episodes to listen offline.

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