Question: Why is F1 wearing masks?

The race is part of the Governments Events Research Programme (ERP), meaning masks are not mandatory. However, on the day the UK announced over 50,000 new Covid cases, 90,000 watched on at the famous racetrack for free practice and qualifying. It was so nice to see everyone today, wrote Hamilton.

Why are some F1 drivers not wearing masks?

Scuderia Ferrari too must renounce the use of U-Masks after the sale ban by the Italian Ministry of Health and the ongoing investigation by the Italian authorities. They were used by the Formula 1 team, including the two drivers, Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz.

What masks are they wearing in Formula 1?

These are masks manufactured by the Italian company U-Mask. They feature a four-layer, replaceable filtration system, which includes a self-sanitizing and anti-proliferative BioLayer. The masks are also environmentally friendly, with a washable Econyl Lycra cover made from recycled ocean plastics.

Can you buy F1 face masks?

While the drivers sport a very well made black coloured mask, the pit crew are seen wearing disposable masks. All these masks can be bought online, with a few teams even putting them on sale on their official F1 store websites.

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