Question: Why is descendants of the sun so famous?

Breaking with tradition, Descendants was fully pre-produced to pass the new Chinese guidelines and be cleared for simulcasts in China and South Korea. It is the first K-drama to air simultaneously in the two countries, which certainly helps when you want a show to go viral.

Is descendants of the sun famous?

Descendants received immense popularity both locally, with a peaking rating of 40% in South Korea, as well as internationally, where it has been sold to 32 countries and translated into 32 different languages.

Why is descendants of the Sun named so?

The PD added, “I had no idea that the drama would be so successful.” When asked about the title of the drama, he said, “Just as how the sun gives light to other people, we decided on the title because the selfless personalities of the main characters is a source of warmth for the people around them.”

Is descendants of the sun a good drama?

Descendants of the Sun is a very enjoyable drama. It has an interesting premise (developing relationships in a warzone), romance, bromance, hijinks, natural disasters, strong female characters, slight changes in world history, silliness, cool fight scenes...

How does descendents of the Sun end?

A Seoul court on Monday approved an amicable divorce settlement for the high-profile star couple of the 2016 TV hit series Descendants Of The Sun, bringing an official end to their short-lived fairy-tale marriage.

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