Question: Does Brave really pay you?

Brave Ads is an opt-in advertising platform that rewards you to view non-invasive ads without compromising your privacy. In exchange for paying attention, you earn 70% of the ad revenue that Brave receives. That revenue comes in the form of Basic Attention Tokens (BAT), 7 which are tokens that can be spent online.

How much does Brave pay you?

In a 2019 Reddit thread, users reported earning between 20-30 BAT a month; with BATs price around $0.30, users claimed average earnings of around $6-7 BAT per month. Following the recent crypto bull run, BAT prices have increased slightly, and currently sit at around $0.50.

Do you get paid to use Brave browser?

No, Brave will always be free to use — you dont need to pay to block ads and tracking. We encourage you to support your favorite publishers with Brave Rewards, or get compensated for paying attention to Brave Ads, but these features are both completely voluntary. You can use one, the other, both, or neither.

Is Brave browser legit?

Yes, using Brave is safe, and it comes with several great security and privacy measures that you dont always get with browsers.

Does Brave browser sell your data?

Out of the box, Brave browser blocks trackers and third-party cookies that monitor your activity as you travel across the web. But the browser also gives you control over what you do and dont want to be blocked -- from ads and cookies to Facebook and Google login buttons.

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