Question: Is it going to be a hot summer in Australia 2021?

Is Australia going to have a hot summer 2021?

Australia weather 2021: La Nina leads to cool summer, still hotter than average | — Australias leading news site.

What is the weather forecast for Australia Day 2021?

The warmest day over the next 25 days weather in Sydney is forecast to be Monday 4th October 2021 at 27°C (81°F) and the warmest night on Thursday 21st October 2021 at 18°C (64°F). Read more. The average for September is 16°C (61°F).

How hot was it today in Sydney?

Daily Weather Review for NSW and ACTTodays Weather to 4pmSydneyCanberraMaximum Temperature16.0 C at 2:23 pm14.3 C at 2:24 pmMinimum Temperature10.9 C at 4:28 am3.6 C at 6:01 amRainfall - Midnight to 4pm3.0 mm0.0 mmRainfall SummarySydneyCanberra5 more rows

Is a cold more common than coronavirus?

Unlike COVID-19 , a cold is usually harmless. Most people recover from a common cold in three to 10 days, although some colds may last as long as two or three weeks....Symptom check: Is it COVID-19 or a cold?Symptom or signCOVID-19ColdFeverUsuallySometimesDiarrheaSometimesNeverNausea or vomitingSometimesNever7 more rows

Has it ever snowed in Sydney Australia?

Sydneys single snowy day It has actually snowed in Sydney. Almost two centuries ago. On June, 28, 1836, almost 4cm of snow was recorded as falling on Sydneys Hyde Park. Even the golden sands of Bondi Beach received a sheen of white.

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