Question: What is the difference between FedEx International Priority and Economy?

They are the largest national carrier that BlueGrace works with and is the largest volume shipment provider. When you partner with BlueGrace Logistics, you will automatically receive access to FedEx Freight Priority and FedEx Freight Economy. The difference between Priority and Economy is simple; Cost and Transit Time.

How long does it take for FedEx International priority?

1 to 3 business days Delivery typically in 1 to 3 business days, next business day to the U.S., Canada, Mexico and the Caribbean from most countries. Reach major cities in Europe by 10:30 am typically in two business days. Ship any package up to 68 kg.

What does FedEx international economy mean?

With FedEx International Economy service, you can save on your less time-sensitive shipments without sacrificing reliability. Delivery Times. Time definite, customs-cleared, typically in 4 to 6 business days. Service Days.

How much does FedEx International Economy cost?

To make this shipment by FedEx International Economy, youll pay US$195 and can expect your package to be delivered in about eight days. FedEx International Shipping: Choose the Best Solution for Your Business!

How fast is FedEx International Economy shipping?

2 to 5 business days Time-definite delivery typically in 2 to 5 business days (typically 2 or 3 business days to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico). Check transit times. From the U.S. to more than 215 countries and territories.

Why is DHL cheaper than FedEx?

Is DHL Better than FedEx? While FedEx is known for its quick delivery of time-sensitive shipments domestically, DHL international shipping rates are typically a cheaper option for shipments, though both couriers have their own distinct shipping solutions that make them better for different situations.

Does FedEx tracking update in real time?

How Long Does It Take for FedEx to Update Tracking? Packages are scanned and tracking information updated in real-time at every step as they arrive and leave the different FedEx facilities. Sometimes, it may take up 24 hours after the shipping label has been generated to have your tracking information updated.

Why does my FedEx delivery date keep changing?

When a shipment encounters a delay or an exception in handling, we may not be able to accurately state when we expect the package to be delivered. Delivery commitment changes based on the type of delays and our effort to lessen the delay.

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