Question: How do you make Neapolitan pizza dough?

What is a Neapolitan crust?

The Neapolitan It is the traditional large, round pie made with a flat, thin bottom and a wide, airy edge. The traditional recipe for this crust includes extra-finely ground, high-protein flour, water, salt and yeast. The bottom crust dries enough so it is not chewy and the edge crust gets light and airy.

What is the hydration for Neapolitan pizza dough?

Authentic Pizza Napoletana is known for being very tender, light, and moist at the same time. It cooks for only 90 seconds in an 800F degree oven and needs 58-65% hydration.

Is Margherita pizza healthier than cheese pizza?

A Margherita pizza alone does not provide adequate nutrition to be considered an ideal meal and is deficient in micronutrients iron, zinc and iodine, and vitamins C and B12. However, with the options of whole-grain crust and toppings such as spinach or other vegetables, a simple pizza can be a healthy meal.

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