Question: What does Cote dAzur mean in English?

What is Azur in English?

[azyʀ ] masculine noun. (= couleur) azure ⧫ sky blue. (= ciel) sky ⧫ skies pluriel.

Is Azure a Spanish word?

Synonyms: cerulean, pale blue, sky-blue, blue, cyan, TranslationsInglésEspañolazure n(sky blue colour)celeste nm Exemplos: el televisor, un piso.azul celeste loc nom m6 more rows

How do you say Azur?

In American English, azure is pronounced /ˈæʒər/; in British English, two of the possible pronunciations are /ˈaʒə/, and /ˈaʒj(ʊ)ə/.

How do you pronounce azure in Spanish?

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How do you spell azure?

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How does Microsoft pronounce Azure?

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