Question: What do you do at Lion Gate Portal?

Things to do on 8/8, the Lions Gate Portal opening Make time for a form of meditation or yoga: Bex says it can clear your mind and allow inspiration, ideas and “messages” to make themselves known, but for this to happen, we want to feel willing to accept all forms of transformation and evolution.

What happens during the Lions gate portal?

What makes this new moon particularly notable is that its also called the lions gate portal, which happens every year around August 8th, when the Earth makes a special alignment with the fixed star Sirius, shifting creation-oriented energy.

What do you do when Lions gate portal opens?

During the Lions Gate activation, take care to:Allow yourself some downtime.Meditate and simply slow down your mind. This offers a calmer arena to experience changes.Drink more water.Rest and unplug from devices when possible.Dont engage in activities that you might find superficial or draining.Aug 6, 2021

What is the purpose of the Lion Gate?

The Lion Gate of Mycenae: The Lion Gate marks the entrance to the fortified citadel of Mycenae. The entire gate is about 10 feet wide and high and two lions under a triangle are inscribed on a stone above the entrance gate.

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