Question: What is the best trail at Eno River State Park?

Buckquarter Creek Trail Buckquarter Creek might be my favorite trail in Eno River State Park. It starts at Fews Ford, where many people go swimming during the summer. The access point to the swimming area is a short walk from the parking lot and can get very busy on the weekends.

What kind of fish are in High Rock Lake?

Flathead catfish Blue catfishRedear sunfishChannel catfishBluegill High Rock Lake/Fish High Rock Lake is known for several species of catfish (flathead and channel), crappie, and bass. High Rock has hosted a few Bassmaster Classics back in the day and that is a feather in our cap. High Rock continues to host diverse tournaments, which is explained as fishing not for consumption.

Is it safe to eat fish from the Haw River?

The fish we catch and eat in the Haw River watershed can have too much mercury – especially in predator fish like bass that are higher on the food chain. Mercury does NOT belong in our air or our water. This is a crime against all of us.

Can you eat fish from High Rock Lake?

Pregnant women, women who may become pregnant, and children under 15 should avoid eating catfish and largemouth bass from this lake due to high levels of mercury as well as PCBs. Other people should eat no more than one meal per week of catfish and largemouth bass from this lake.

What is the deepest part of High Rock Lake?

16 m High Rock Lake/Max depth

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