Question: Who married Dazai?

Does Dazai have a lover?

His attempt with his lover Tomie Yamazaki was ultimately successful.

Is Dazai Osamu in a relationship?

After Dazai left the Mafia and joined the Agency, Hirotsu appears to be one of the mafiosi with whom Dazai chooses to be in casual contact, seemingly retaining a formal relationship with each other despite all that happened between Dazai and the Mafia.

Is Dazai a flirt?

Dazai the flirt Dazai is aggressively, vocally into women. Its one of the first things we ever learn about him. For one, he only seems to do this to women that are not close to him. We, as readers/viewers, also know that he doesnt mean it.

Did Dazai sleep with?

Bungou Stray Dogs Headcannons, NSFW That doesnt confirm he had sex with them. That roughly confirms he is known to break womens hearts like flirting with them and not calling them again. There is no evidence that he dumped them after the sex.

What is Dazai type of girl?

Dazai wont like a girl, with no sense of humour and a boring geek like Kunikida. He needs a fun loving partner and not someone that wont allow him any of his dorky actions. He also really dislikes womans with hats.

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