Question: Why is my cat suddenly panting?

In some cases, cat panting is normal. Like dogs, cats may pant when they are overheated, stressed and anxious, or after strenuous exercise. This sort of panting should resolve once the cat has had an opportunity to calm down, cool down or rest.

Why is my cat breathing fast all of a sudden?

Though rapid breathing can be the result of activity or excitement, it is often a sign of serious underlying conditions. Cats of any age and breed can experience rapid breathing. If your cats breathing irregularly, its time to seek immediate veterinary care as this is a potentially life-threatening issue.

Why do cats pant when not hot?

These “normal” scenarios can include when a cat is anxious, stressed, overheated, or just did strenuous exercise. If your cat doesnt settle and continues to pant, its time to immediately see your veterinarian. Abnormal causes of cat panting include many medical conditions such as: Respiratory disease.

How long can a cat pant for?

If they are lying down, not wanting to move around a lot, and forcing the air by moving their belly muscles in and out at a rate of more than 40 breaths per minute, this is a sign of respiratory distress. If panting continues for more than 5 minutes after the stressful event is over, seek veterinary attention.

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