Question: What is the meaning of gusse?

What is the full meaning of guess?

1 : to form an opinion of from little or no evidence She could only guess what he meant. 2 : believe, suppose I guess youre right. 3 : to arrive at a correct conclusion about by conjecture, chance, or intuition guess the answer.

What is this word mean guess?

to arrive at or commit oneself to an opinion about (something) without having sufficient evidence to support the opinion fully: to guess a persons weight. to estimate or conjecture about correctly: to guess what a word means. to think, believe, or suppose: I guess I can get there in time.

How can I use Guess in a sentence?

(1) Id guess that shes about 30. (2) I guess Id better get going. (3) I guess its going to rain. (4) Youll never guess whats happened!

Can you take a guess meaning?

To make a prediction, estimate, or conjecture; to guess. If I had to take a guess, Id say that its the cooling system that failed. You wont be penalized for taking a guess, so be sure not to leave any questions unanswered.

How do you use Guess what?

(informal) used to introduce something surprising or exciting that you want to tell somebody: Guess what, Angelas getting married next month! See also: guess again!

What is an example of an educated guess?

A guess based on knowledge and experience and therefore likely to be correct. We can make an educated guess based on when the street was first built, but we never really know what were going to find. The doctor said that if he had to make an educated guess based on the heartbeat, he would bet that it is a girl.

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