Question: How do I access BTS exhibition?

Viewing Guide Live streaming is only available through the link to the multi-view live streaming page provided on Weverse Shop after purchasing and after logging in with your Weverse Shop account.

How do I access BTS one exhibition?

HOW TO VIEW THE EXHIBITION: Click the link,, to open the client download page, and download and install the BTS EXHIBITION “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” client program. Log in using your Weverse Shop account after installing the program.

How do you get the BTS virtual concert?

Tickets can be purchased on BTS KISWE website, where the concert will eventually stream. The virtual concert also includes BTS Exhibition Map of the Soul ON:E, a virtual experience running from Oct. 13 through Nov.

What is BTS exhibition map of the soul on E?

BTS EXHIBITION MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E (오,늘) is an online exhibition displayed in a 3D virtual space created to enable you to enjoy a variety of BTS content online.

What is the BTS Exhibition 2020?

The BTS 2020+1 event combines a high-profile two-day conference with the UKs largest tunnelling and underground space exhibition. This is the perfect opportunity as an exhibitor to put your products and services in-front of some of the most influential decision makers within the tunnelling industry.

What is BTS online exhibition?

BTS Exhibition – Map of the Soul ON:E 오,늘 got its name by mashing up the name of the virtual concerts with the name of BTS 2019 traveling pop-up exhibition, 오,늘 (oh-neul), a play on the word meaning today. (It was also known in English as 24/7 = Serendipity.

How much did BTS make from online concerts?

This event follows BTS record breaking BANG BANG CON The Live virtual concert in June, which saw them attract 756,600 concurrent viewers from 107 regions, generating close to $20 million in ticket sales.

What is the price of BTS Online Concert 2021?

The HD multi-view, per day, costs $46.10 USD. The two-day pass with the multi-view option costs $83.70. They can also choose a pass that offers a 4K single-view and an HD multi-view at the price of $55.30, approximately ₹4040.

How many tickets did BTS sell online?

K-Pop stars BTS set an official world record earlier this year when they attracted more than 756,000 paying fans to their Bang Bang Con livestreamed concert.

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