Question: Why does Dracula fear the cross?

A former warlord who has seen all his descendants buried, Dracula subconsciously wishes he could be brave enough to die – and in seeing the crucifix Jesus died on, Helsing posits, hes reminded of how weak he really is. “You seek to conquer death – but you cannot until you face it without fear.

Why is Dracula scared of the cross?

Zoe Helsing (who drank Draculas blood, which contained the essence and memories of Agatha), finally realized the ultimate truth about Dracula: the vampires fear of the cross is directly tied to his fear of death and his shame that he is cursed to live forever.

Why are vampires hurt by crosses?

Crosses were one of a vampires several weaknesses, and possessed two non-fatal effects to them. The very sight of a crucifix was capable of instilling fear in a vampire, and coming in physical contact with it could cause a vampire painful burns.

Do vampires have a shadow?

Although not traditionally regarded as an apotropaic, mirrors have been used to ward off vampires when placed, facing outwards, on a door (in some cultures, vampires do not have a reflection and sometimes do not cast a shadow, perhaps as a manifestation of the vampires lack of a soul).

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