Question: How long do baby guppies need to be separated?

If you dont want more babies, youll need to separate your male and female fry once they reach about 6 to 8 weeks old.

How big should guppy Fry be before releasing into tank?

Before you can move your baby guppies into your big tank, they need to be large enough that the other fish wont eat them. Exactly how large depends on the size of the fish in the main tank, but the minimum size the babies should be before you move them is about an inch long.

How long can guppies hold their babies?

Guppies are highly prolific livebearers giving birth to between five and 30 fry, though under extreme circumstances, she may give birth to only one or two or over 100. The gestation period of a guppy is typically 21–30 days, but can vary considerably.

Can guppies have babies days apart?

Once mated for the first time at approximately 3 months of age, guppies give birth about every 30 days. As soon as she gives birth to one batch of babies, she becomes pregnant with the next.

Why are all my pregnant guppies dying?

Stress During Pregnancy One of the biggest reasons why guppies die before or during birth is because of very high-stress levels. The signs of stress during pregnancy are low energy, erratic swimming, refusal to eat, swimming near or sitting at the bottom of the tank, and other behavioral changes you might notice.

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