Question: What is the purpose of an icon painting?

Its purpose is to reflect the divine essence in the human form. This arises the need for a strict system of painting the sacred images — the iconographic canon. It determines the composition of the image: how to build the composition on a certain subject, how to draw faces, actions, and surroundings.

What is the importance of icons in the Catholic Church?

In liturgical context, icons are invaluable for preparing the soul to receive Jesus Christ in the Eucharist and to prepare for the life of the world to come. And even in private religious devotion outside Mass, icons are necessary to contemplate on Gods glory and raise our senses up to this glory.

What are icons How are these helpful?

Icons are often used when explaining a process, as you can visually represent each step. They help us visually understand each step of a process and facilitate the visual separation and understanding of the elements they contain.

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