Question: Can you drink soju straight from the bottle?

You return the favor when the time is right (whatever you do, dont drink straight from the bottle). Both the glass thats being refilled and the bottle being poured should be held with two hands. If youre drinking soju straight, which is the most common approach, its served in a shot glass.

Are you supposed to take shots of soju?

Traditionally, soju is served by the bottle at the table. But doing that is against the law in the U.S.: Distilled spirits can be served only by the shot glass. State liquor laws require restaurants to serve distilled spirits like soju by the shot glass. In Korean tradition, its served by the bottle.

Can I drink pure soju?

Soju is a traditional Korean spirit that is best served cold and neat (with no ice). Outside of Korean company, its okay to not follow the traditional drinking ritual, but it is a fun experience to do anyway!

Why do you shake soju bottle?

According to Koreaboo, the custom of shaking the bottle began during the era when cheaply made corks were used instead of the metal cap commonly used now. Drinkers would shake the bottle so that cork residue would rise to the top. They would then hit the neck of the bottle to get rid of the crumbs of the cork powder.

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