Question: Which is closer Haneda or Narita?

Haneda International Airport is located closer to central Tokyo than Narita International Airport. Almost all domestic flights land at this airport. There are fewer transportation options from the airport to central Tokyo, some of which require transfers, but the journey is much quicker and cheaper.

Is Narita or Haneda airport closer to Tokyo?

Haneda is much closer to downtown Tokyo, and is increasingly being used for long-haul flights especially to the US. Narita, on the other hand, is served by more international carriers and has a broader selection of airport lounges to choose from.

Which is closer to Yokohama Narita or Haneda?

What is the nearest airport to Yokohama? The nearest airport to Yokohama is Tokyo Haneda (HND) Airport which is 17.7 km away. Other nearby airports include Tokyo Narita (NRT) (76.7 km) and Shizuoka (FSZ) (151.4 km). We recommend flying to Tokyo Haneda (HND) Airport, which is 17.7 km away from Yokohama.

Is Haneda or Narita closer to Disneyland?

Is Haneda or Narita closer to Disneyland? Haneda is definitely closer to Disneyland, geographically, than Narita, at 24 km vs 58. However, this shouldnt be a main point of contention in your Haneda vs Narita considerations, as both airports offer direct Limousine Bus service to the park.

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