Question: Can Gojo be killed?

Will Gojo die?

Gojo was left to bleed out while Toji was on a hunt for Geto and the girls. He successfully pursued them, and killed them off except for Geto, with the reasoning that he doesnt want to release Getos spirits upon death.

Who kills Gojo?

Toji The jujutsu student asks why Toji is here and the assassin reveals that he killed Satoru Gojo. Suguru retaliates by summoning two powerful cursed spirits and demanding Toji die.

Can Gojo be beaten?

Whis is probably the only character that could beat Satoru Gojo in a battle of attrition. Gojos infinity technique does not grant him infinite power, which means eventually the overpowered sorcerer can run out of gas. Fortunately, Gojo has the strength and speed to end most of his battles before he risks exhaustion.

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