Question: What does General admission advance mean?

What is a GA ticket? The general admission (GA) ticket type provides admission to your event without any extras. GA advance tickets are typically on sale the longest, and are usually one of the least expensive types of tickets you offer.

What does General Admission mean?

General Admission refers to seating or standing areas that are not assigned or reserved, and are occupied on a first-come, first-served basis.

Whats the difference between Early Bird and general admission?

Early Bird ticket: A discounted ticket that expires before the sales of regular tickets starts. Regular ticket: Standard general admission.

What does General Admission mean for Six Flags?

General admission includes all the rides, and if you purchase the whole year pass, you could use it of any SixFlags in the United States ;) over a year ago.

What is a general admission concert like?

What exactly is a general admission concert? Well, when you get a concert ticket, you are either assigned a seat or a section. When you have a specific seat, you get all warm and cozy in your spot and stay put. When you have general admission ticket, you are normally assigned a section: balcony, floor, etc.

Can you bring food to Six Flags?

Food, beverages, coolers and grills may not be brought into the park. One small soft-sided cooler may be brought into the park to carry these items. No outside beverages are permitted. Please see Security at Six Flags America to receive a medical sticker.

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