Question: What does mean annual precipitation?

Annual rainfall or precipitation is the sum of daily rainfall in a year.

What is a good annual precipitation?

Average Annual Precipitation by StateStateInchesMillimetresCalifornia22.2563Colorado15.9405Connecticut50.31279Delaware45.7116013 more rows

How do you calculate mean annual precipitation?

Add together all of the monthly rainfall totals in your sample data. Youll be adding measurements in inches because rainfall is generally measured in inches in the United States. Divide by the number of years in your data set to arrive at the average monthly rainfall for any location.

Does annual precipitation include snowfall?

It certainly does. The annual precipitation total is arrived by summing the daily amounts of the water equivalent of all precipitation that has fallen. When the precipitation falls as snow, the snow is collected in the rain gauge, melted and measured as if it fell as rain.

How do you calculate precipitation?

Find the average volume of rain = Depth x radius x radius x 3.14. Find the area at the top of the bucket (this is the area over which the rain is collected). Divide the rainfall volume by this area to get the rainfall.

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