Question: Is invincible stronger than Omni-Man?

Omni-Man would only further establish his superiority to most Viltrumites throughout the series, sometimes taking on two or three at a time without relenting. For most of the series, he was firmly stronger and faster than Invincible, constantly providing a higher bar for the hero to reach.

Who defeated Omni-Man?

The characters that could defeat Omni-Man include Darkseid, the Flash (Barry Allen), Dr. Manhattan, Saitama, Son Goku, Superman, Thanos, Thor, and Thragg. In todays article, we are going to bring you a list of nine characters who could defeat Omni-Man.

Is invincible stronger than Superman?

Invincible has incredible strength and near-invulnerability, but Superman is truly indomitable with almost no flaws.

Can Invincible defeat Superman?

Supermans strength is beyond comprehension. But even at his peak strength and most blood-lusted he still couldnt dent the Man of Steel. Superman would likely be unwilling to kill Invincible, but he could definitely beat him into unconsciousness.

Can invincible beat Hulk?

Invincible has the endurance and the fighting experience to go the distance, outlasting the Hulk.

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