Question: Do we have to pay to watch Bon Voyage?

So no hate please. Thank you. To be able to watch Bon Voyage, we need to purchase coins and buy the vids by episode or by package (goes with free behind the scenes and other contents).

How much does BTS bon voyage cost?

Purchasing info: Season 4 will be airing exclusively on Weverse and can be purchased through Weply! The full season can be purchased for $19.58 which will include 8 episodes (airing once a week from Tuesday November 19, 2019 through January 7, 2020).

Do u need to pay to watch V LIVE?

Yes VLive is free. The artist channels are free. Certain contents are free such as the artist live when they come to talk to their fans.

Can you watch Bon voyage on Weverse?

At the end of the clip, Big Hit revealed this season will be available on Weverse instead of VLIVE. Fans can pre-order Bon Voyage Season 4 on BTS merchandise app, Weply, for $19.58 starting now.

How do I join BTS V live?

A Guide to Vapp (Vlive)Download. First off.. Sign up. Sign up/sign in with a social media account, your options are: Settings (notifications) After that click on settings and make sure that your notification is turned on. Follow BTS. BTS GAYO & Run BTS! Vlive+ content. Vapp Coins. CH+ content. •4 Dec 2017

Is vlive getting deleted?

Did you guys hear about the app vlive closing? So, apparently its merging with another app. So in a matter of 1 year vlive will close.

Is vlive actually live?

V Live (stylized as VLIVE), sometimes referred to as V App, is a South Korean live video streaming service that allows celebrities based in the country to broadcast live videos such as live chat sessions with fans, performances, reality shows and award shows on the internet. ...

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