Question: Is Exposed aggregate good for driveways?

Because of its durability and skid resistance, an exposed aggregate finish is ideal for most flatwork including: Sidewalks. Driveways. Patios.

Are exposed aggregate driveways expensive?

Explanation: Exposed aggregate is more expensive than standard aggregate because it requires more material expense and labor expense. Explanation: A standard poured driveway with no colorings, stains or aggregates can be as low as $4 per square foot in some cases.

Is Exposed aggregate concrete worth it?

Like stamped concrete, exposed aggregate is quite cost-efficient in many ways. Using aggregate has many benefits. Aside from being a strong material, it is also perfect for those with kids because of its non-skid texture. It is durable and can last for years without much maintenance.

Is plain concrete cheaper than exposed aggregate?

Concreting generally costs anywhere from $50 to $60 square metres. Comparing the two, aggregate is more affordable as it is usually at the lower end of the pricing range. Stamping is not expensive, but using aggregate concrete is more economical, especially if you have a larger project.

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