Question: Is denosumab safe?

In clinical trials of women with osteoporosis and low bone mineral density, denosumab has been well tolerated, with overall rates of adverse events and serious adverse events in women treated with denosumab similar to those receiving placebo.

How dangerous is denosumab?

However, it carries a risk of serious side effects. People with weakened immune systems are advised not to use to denosumab because it can lead to serious infections that require hospitalization (such as heart infections). It can also cause disintegration of the jaw, called osteonecrosis, and atypical femur fractures.

Does denosumab affect the immune system?

Denosumab is an antibody-based medication, but it doesnt suppress your immune system. This means it doesnt increase your risk of complications from the coronavirus. This is unlike other antibody-based medications used to treat diseases like rheumatoid arthritis.

Is denosumab chemotherapy?

by Xgeva is not a chemotherapy drug. It is a targeted treatment, called a monoclonal antibody and is classified as a bone-modifying agent. Although it is not a chemotherapy drug it is often given with chemotherapy medicines. Xgeva works as a RANK ligand (RANKL) inhibitor.

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