Question: What part of a circuit breaker causes the breaker to trip?

The bimetallic element in the breaker unlatches the inner tripping mechanism of the circuit breaker. The tripping mechanism has a magnetic coil that interrupts the branch circuit in case of heavy overloads or a short-circuit. On an overload, the magnetic coil of the circuit breaker causes the breaker to trip.

What causes a circuit breaker to trip?

A circuit breaker will usually trip when there is an electrical fault that could cause damage to the circuit. This is usually an excess of current, a power surge or a faulty component.

Will a short circuit cause a breaker to trip?

A short circuit happens when a hot, or active, electrical wire and a neutral wire touch, causing a large amount of current to flow and overload the circuit. A short circuit should always cause a breaker to trip or a fuse to blow and may also cause sparks, popping sounds and possibly some smoke.

What to do if a circuit breaker keeps tripping?

How Do You Reset a Tripped Circuit Breaker? To reset a tripped circuit breaker, turn off the breaker by moving the switch or handle to the off position, and then turn it back on.

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