Question: What are the key components of a construction contract?

What are the 5 components of the contract documents?

Construction contract documents: Common parts to a contractThe Agreement. The agreement is the most fundamental document in a construction contract bundle. General Conditions. Special Conditions. Scope of Work. Drawings. Specifications. Bill of Quantities. Construction Schedule. •3 Apr 2019

What are the three basic types of documents used in construction contracts?

Therefore a construction contract must include supplementary documents. These common types of contract documents have different forms such as written specifications, drawings, and charts. For successful construction project management, basic contract documents should be created and managed effectively.

What are the main parts of construction documents?

The Construction Documents contain contract forms, conditions of the contract, specifications, and drawings.

What contracts are used in construction?

JCT (The Joint Contracts Tribunal)DB: Design and build contract.CE: Constructing Excellence contract.CM: Construction management contract.IFC: Intermediate form of building contract.MC: Management building contract.MTC: Measured term contract.MW: Agreement for minor work.PCC: Prime cost building contract. •Jul 14, 2021

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