Question: What movie is a whole new world from?

A Whole New World is the key song from Disneys 1992 classic animated feature film, Aladdin, which was composed by Alan Menken along with lyrics written by Tim Rice. It is a love ballad performed by Aladdin (Brad Kane) and Jasmine (Lea Salonga) during a magic carpet ride around the world.

Who is a whole new world by?

Zhavia Ward Zayn A Whole New World (End Title)/Artists

When did a whole new world come out?

2019 A Whole New World (End Title)/Released

Who wrote whole new world?

Alan Menken A Whole New World (End Title)/Composers Brad Kane and Lea Salonga performed the original version of A Whole New World for Disneys 1992 animated film, and Peabo Bryson and Regina Belle recorded a single version for the end credits. Alan Menken composed the song alongside lyricist Tim Rice.

Who sang A Whole New World in Aladdin movie 2019?

Zayn Malik The remake also features the original films song A Whole New World, performed by Massoud and Scott respectively, and an end-credits version of the song performed by Zayn Malik and Zhavia Ward. Malik and Wards version was released as a single on May 9, 2019.

Who sings the original a whole new world?

Zhavia Ward Zayn A Whole New World (End Title)/Artists

What Disney song won a Grammy?

Grammy AwardsYearCategorySong or other1993Record of the YearBeauty and the BeastSong of the Year1994Best Instrumental Composition Written for a Motion Picture or for TelevisionAladdinBest Song Written Specifically for a Motion Picture or for TelevisionA Whole New World26 more rows

Who sings A Whole New World at the end of Aladdin?

Zhavia Ward Zayn A Whole New World (End Title)/Artists

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