Question: How do you get Engolo in Elnea Kingdom?

Engolo can be obtained by gathering in herb patches during the limited event Helping Out At Yano Market. Even children can gather them, so anyone can participate when the event happens.

How do you have a baby in Elnea Kingdom?

Once married, you have the option to have children. The woman in the relationship is pregnant for 25 days, and the baby will be born at 1 NT. If you look on your calendar, it will show you your childs due date; if you are the woman, it will automatically transport you back home an hour before you give birth.

Is fruit a food?

Of course, “fruit” is an entire food group. There are thousands of different edible fruits found in nature, and their nutrient compositions can vary greatly.

How do I create an Elnea Kingdom account?

Set up an account on old device and run [Setting] => [Logout]. After installing the game with new device, please execute [Title screen] => [Support] => [Enter Account] and enter the preset account and password. Do not forget to add check mark at that time.

How do you increase speed in Elnea Kingdom?

Depending on what kind of food you eat, you can increase one or more of the three main stats: Speed, Strength, and Spirit. Meals eaten at breakfast (eaten at home from 1 MT to 4 MT) and at the Tavern with a friend will double the stat increase.

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