Question: Do Buddy souvenirs do anything?

These souvenirs, according to Niantic, are essentially just reminders of your adventures with your buddy. Thats it. You can view them from the buddy page, but they dont do anything but sit there. Its essentially just a marker of how long the Pokemon has been set as your buddy.

How do I give my buddy a treat?

What is Quick Treat mode?Go to the Buddy Profile screen.Tap Play with Buddy.Tap the Quick Treat button instead of placing your Pokémon in AR mode.

How long does it take to become best buddy?

approximately 13 to 14 days As for experienced players looking to bolster their squad with the Buddy system, the key will be not missing a single day since it takes approximately 13 to 14 days to earn Best Buddy status with a Pokémon.

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