Question: Why is okonomiyaki famous in Hiroshima?

After the World War 2 a lot of Okonomiyaki street stalls stood on the ground which was burned by the atomic bomb, and Okonomiyaki, which was made of a little flour dough and a few vegetables, helped Hiroshima people in the time of shortage of foods.

Is Hiroshima the true home of okonomiyaki?

According to Shizuka Kobara, public relations officer at , the leading Hiroshima-based manufacturer of that sweet-smelling okonomiyaki sauce, “Hiroshima developed side-by-side with okonomiyaki; it took root in the citizens and became their favourite food since then. Its literally soul food for Hiroshima people.”

What is the difference between Hiroshima and Osaka okonomiyaki?

In Osaka-style okonomiyaki, the ingredients in the batter – including grated Japanese yam and shredded cabbages – are mixed together in a bowl and then poured directly onto the hot griddle like a pancake. In Hiroshima, the okonomiyaki ingredients include soba (or udon) noodles as well as fried egg.

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