Question: How big do harlequin get?

A fully mature individual harlequin rasbora attains a standard length of two inches (5 cm). Males are cited as possessing a slightly larger black body patch than females, with the section adjoining the anal fin being more rounded in males.

How long does it take for Harlequin Rasboras to reach full size?

Harlequin rasboras grow extremely fast and have reached adult size within three months if fed well and often.

Are Harlequins Hardy?

Harlequins are hardy fish, so they dont get ill very often. With proper care youre unlikely to experience any problems.

What fish can live with rasboras?

Rasboras are peaceful and most species get along well with similarly sized community fish. Depending on species, they can be housed with other rasboras, small tetras, croaking, sparkling and chocolate gouramis, celestial danios, pentazona barbs, guppies and platies.

Do harlequin rasboras like current?

Medium. They are not a fast flowing stream species, but handle moderate flow very well. They are from slow moving streams in Asia, and these waters pass through swamps where they pick up the organic acids similar to the South American black water rivers.

Do harlequin rasboras jump?

They are very skittish, as said before. Mine are in an area of high traffic and had a couple of them jump out, (especially after lights out). Left some of the plants grow over the surface, to provide a natural canopy.

Are Harlequin Rasboras aggressive?

They nip at one another slightly every once in a while, not very often at all. Theyre never aggressive with other fish.

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