Question: Are drum sticks an instrument?

Some of the percussion instruments of the Western orchestra (clockwise, from top): xylophone, gong, bass drum, snare drum, and timpani. Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.

What are drum instruments?

A drum set – also called a drum kit, trap set (an abbreviation of the word contraption) or simply drums – is a collection of drums, cymbals and other percussion instruments, which are set up on stands to be played by a single player, with drumsticks held in both hands and the feet operating pedals that control the hi ...

What instruments play sticks?

Xylophone. The xylophone is made of bits of wood that are tuned to different notes. The player uses sticks, or beaters, to hit the wooden bars, sometimes as many as six at a time!

What do you call drum sticks?

A percussion mallet or beater is an object used to strike or beat a percussion instrument in order to produce its sound. Some mallets, such as vibraphone mallets, are normally just called mallets, others have more specialized names including: Drum sticks, of many types, some used with a wide variety of instruments,.

How are drum sticks classified?

Standard drumsticks are classified with a number, followed by an alphabet. The standard numbers are: 2, 5, and 7. The higher the number, the lighter the drumsticks. Hence, most stores would recommend that you start from the middle range drum sticks – the 5As.

Is it easy to play the dulcimer?

What is a dulcimer? The lap dulcimer is a stringed folk instrument that evolved in the Appalachian mountains in the 1800s. Dulcimers are the easiest stringed instrument for beginners to play, ideal for children and non-musicians who want to play tunes or accompany singing. Dulcimers are a relatively quiet instrument.

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