Question: Has gears 6 been confirmed?

Gears 6 is not officially confirmed yet, but Gears 5 was one of the most successful games for Xbox, so theres bound to be a sequel. However, there isnt a lot of information out there about Gears 6 so things like gameplay, plot and modes are unknown.

Is there a Gears of War 6 coming out?

Based on the series previous release schedule, the earliest a new Gears title would release is late 2022, but without an announcement from Microsoft or the Coalition, it could be much further out.

Will they remaster Gears 2?

While a proper Gears of War 2 remaster may not be in the works, the game is still playable on modern consoles. Xbox One and Xbox Series X owners can both play Gears of War 2 thanks to the backward compatibility program, and the game is available with an Xbox Game Pass subscription as well.

How do you unlock Skorge?

1:263:02New FREE Trinity Skorge Character Skin & How to Unlock him! - YouTubeYouTube

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