Question: Are sewers safe?

Are the sewers safe?

To open the (only) safe in Resident Evil 2s sewers you have to use the code written on the safes side - 2-12-8. This safe is near the hideout (the place where you can save the game and solve the puzzle with switches). The safe contains: Leon: gun stock for W-870 shotgun.

What is the code for the safe in the sewers?

The safe code in the Sewers Treatment Pool Room is Left 2, Right 12, Left 8. Inside is the Shotgun Stock (W-870) for Leon.

How do I get back to the police station from the sewers?

0:081:06How to Get Back To Police Station from Sewers (Return to RPD)YouTubeStart of suggested clipEnd of suggested clipNow I already have the break room unlocked but youll need to use a key you found in the sewers toMoreNow I already have the break room unlocked but youll need to use a key you found in the sewers to open it then go up the elevator. Follow my path all the way up to the top of the. Stairs.

Where is the sewer code?


Where is the rook re2?

Where to find the Rook Plug. After youve managed to retrieve both the King and Queen Plugs from the Monitor Room, youll need to obtain the Rook Plug. To do this, open the Lower Waterway floodgate in the Lower Sewers, then take the lift up to the Workroom. Exit the room and head over to the door with the socket.

Where is the code to the waiting room safe?

East Wing Waiting Room Safe – Code is found on the Confiscation Report File. The combination is left 6, right 2, left 11. Treatment Pool Room Safe – Combination is found on the side of the safe, so you wont have to go far. This combination is left 2, right 12, left 8.

Can you go in the sewers in Sneaky Sasquatch?

Sasquatch can go into the sewers and he can turn valves and catch exclusive sewer fish, such as three-eyed fish and mutant fang fish. The Main entrance will be behind the Cafe.

What is the code to get into the bank in Sneaky Sasquatch?

To open a bank account, you must first make an appointment the day before by calling 555-BANK (2265). You must also have any type of ID(license) from the Licensing building at the Race Track.

How do you escape the main power room in re2?

Answer: You will find the Main Power Room Puzzle in the Sewers area. In your first playthrough, the solution is On, On, Off, then On. In the second playthrough, the solution is Off, On, On, then On. The Garbage Disposal will then open and youll be able to save the character there.

What do you do with the red jewels in Resident Evil 2?

The red jewel is something you combine with a jewelry box thats found in the observation room. Inside, youll find the S.T.A.R.S badge, which can be used in the S.T.A.R.S office to unlock the weapons cabinet in that room.

Does Claire go back to the police station?

Getting Back to the Station Playing as Claire If youre playing as Claire, your route back to the police station is a little different from Leons. Use the Diamond Key on the locked door here, and youll be able to activate an elevator that leads you to the Chiefs Office in the police station.

How do you get past the watchmans room in re2?

When trying to leave the room, a zombie will go through the door used to get inside the room. More zombies will also now appear in the hallway. The shutter can be opened later on in the playthrough by picking up the Fuse (Break Room Hallway), which opens the way from this room to the B1 floor of the Police Station.

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