Question: Why did Doctor Andrews get fired?

Does Dr Hahn leave the good doctor?

Han is fired and replaced by Doctor Audrey Lim as Chief of Surgery while Shaun is rehired.

What happened to Dr Andrews wife?

At the end of season 4, its revealed that she has decided to move out and end their marriage and has already begun a relationship with someone else for unspecified reasons.

Why did Dr Andrews niece leave?

Doctor Lim fires Doctor Jackson after she falsely confessed to breaking Doctor-Patient confidentiality and giving information to a news reporter about a patient who faked having cancer to cheat millions of people out of money.

Does Morgan mess up her hands?

In Hurt, Morgan, recovering from hand surgery, takes over the ER in the aftermath of an earthquake with everyone else too busy elsewhere. However, doing the surgery may have damaged Morgans hands to the point that her surgical career is ruined.

Is the black girl leaving the good doctor?

Heres what the shows producer and actress Antonia Thomas had to say about her farewell from the ABC series. Plus, Shaun and Lea share a major moment in the Season 4 finale, and Osvaldo Benavides is promoted to series regular.

Is Leah pregnant on the good doctor?

The Good Doctors Shaun and Lea suffered an unimaginable loss on Monday when Lea had a miscarriage, five months into her pregnancy. The episode picked up the day after Leas collapse.

What happened to Doctor Morgans hands?

When Morgan was 5, she started learning archery and practiced every day for 7 years. She didnt stop until she left high school and went on to medical school where she decided that she needed to grow up. In addition, she witnessed her mother suffer from rheumatoid arthritis which destroyed her hands and wrists.

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