Question: Are air pruning pots worth it?

So while plants may need to be transplanted less often their top growth will not suffer any consequences. Air root pruning is a simple, efficient and cost effective way to get your plants growing stronger and producing more just by giving them a healthier environment.

Are Air-Pots worth the money?

Sure, normal growing containers do the trick, but Air-Pots and Smart Pots offer so many benefits that it just makes sense to use them. These genius designs boost root system oxygenation, support optimal drainage, and even help prevent root diseases and decay.

Are Air-Pots better than Smart Pots?

An Air Pot is a plastic container with holes around the sides. One of its best features is its rigid design, which makes it easier and less dangerous to move around than a Smart Pot. Air Pots make it more challenging to overwater your cannabis, but that also means that you can need to water more often.

How do air pruning pots work?

An air pruning container works by having slots or holes in its walls along with a system of ribs or other devices to force the root to grow out of the slot or hole. When the root grows out of the slot into relatively dry air its tip is desiccated or “killed”.

How do you get air to roots?

If your plants arent thriving, you may need to aerate the soil in your potted plants to increase drainage and airflow to improve the health of the roots....Repotting A Plant In Soaked SoilRemove the plant.Gently shake all the potting soil off it.Rinse the roots, pat them dry to remove any excess moisture.

Can roots grow through smart pots?

Fabric pots like Smart Pots eliminate root circling altogether. This is because fabric materials allow air to flow in and out of the pot. When roots reach the edge of a Smart Pot, theyre exposed to air and become dehydrated. The dehydrated root tip stops growing and sends out an army of lateral roots.

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