Question: What is the gray wolfs Kingdom?

What is the GREY Wolf classification?

Canis lupus Wolf/Scientific names

What is the genus and species of a GREY Wolf?

Canis Wolf/Genus

What order does the gray wolf belong to?

Carnivores TherapsidBoreoeutheriaFerungulata Wolf/Order

How does a GREY Wolf behave?

Wolves also prey on rodents, beavers, fish, and birds. Behavior: Gray wolves are territorial and live in packs lead by the alpha pair. Gray wolves communicate with each other through howling, body language and scent. Howling is used to assemble the pack, communicate with other packs, and assert territorial boundaries.

Are foxes bad to have around the house?

They are not a threat to pets or people–as long as we dont artificially feed them and cause them to associate us with food and lose their natural caution around people. Red fox kits are cute and curious.

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