Question: Which company is best for badminton?

Which brand is good for badminton?

Yonex. This list would not be complete without the famous Yonex; the most recognised Badminton brand in the world. Nearly 80% of the worlds best players use Yonex., and if youre serious about taking up Badminton, you should get one too.

Which is the best badminton for playing?

Yonex Nanoray Badminton Racquet series is best known for its speed. Its extremely easygoing while playing on the court....1. Yonex Nanoray Light 18I Badminton Racquet.Yonex Nanoray Light 18i SpecificationPlayer LevelIntermediate LevelString Tension30 lbsHead ShapeIsometric Head Shape3 more rows

How do I choose a badminton shoe?

3:278:35How To Choose The Right Badminton ShoesYouTube

Can we use sneakers for badminton?

So can you wear Tennis shoes for Badminton? The simple is yes you can but its not advised. Some Tennis shoes are designed for all court types such as grass, clay etc but some are designed for one court surface like grass. These wouldnt be suitable for indoor Tennis let alone Badminton.

What type of shoes is good for badminton?

12 Best Badminton Shoes for Men in IndiaYonex SHB 65 Z2.Yonex Aerus 3.Li-Ning Saga Lite.Asics Upcourt 4.Yonex Hydro Force 2.Yonex SHB Comfort Advance 3.Nivia Gel Verdict.Li Ning Attack 3. •4 Jun 2021

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