Question: What episode does Naruto get bullied?

Irukas Ordeal (イルカの試練, Iruka no Shiren) is episode 177 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

What happens in episode 179 of Naruto Shippuden?

Synopsis. During an emergency council meeting with the Land of Fire, Koharu Utatane and Homura Mitokado of the Konoha Council are spurred on by Danzō Shimura to tell the Fire Daimyō that they need a new Hokage since not only is Tsunade in a comatose state, but because they hold her responsible for Pains assault.

Can I skip Naruto Shippuden Season 9?

No, skip them. For both series. The problem with Shippuden later on becomes that they start to intermesh the canon story and the filler in the same episode, so it becomes nearly impossible to actually skip the filler unless you have time stamps to use as a guide for fast-forwarding through the non-canon parts.

In which episode Kakashi becomes Hokage?

Kakashi does become Hokage. In episode #479 of Naruto Shippuden, Tsunade passes on Hokage responsibilities to him. He nearly became Hokage during the 5 Kage Summit arc due to complications with Tsunades coma and the Hokage-successor, but this time he is officially sworn in.

In which episode Kakashi visits Narutos house?

Team 7 (第七班, Dainanahan) is episode 361 of the Naruto: Shippūden anime.

What season of Naruto can I skip?

Watch Naruto in Order Filler Episodes: If you arent interested in episodes that dont relate to the overall manga story arc, you can skip the following episodes: 26, 97, 102–106, 137–140, 143–219.

Who is on Team 10 in Naruto?

Team 10, also known as Team Moegi, is a Konohagakure team formed under the leadership of Moegi Kazamatsuri. The team is comprised of the 17th and most recent generation of the Ino–Shika–Chō trio: Inojin Yamanaka, Shikadai Nara and Chōchō Akimichi.

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