Question: What is Rayshift?

Rayshift ( 霊子転移 レイシフト , reishifuto?, Reishift or Leyshift) Rayshift-based time travel technology permits the projection of the spirit of a living human into the past.

Who attacked Chaldea?

Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova At December 31, 2017, nearly one year after the defeat of Goetia, Chaldea is attacked by Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova and an army of Oprichnik, lead by Koyanskaya. The attack killed several of the staff, including da Vinci.

How do I follow support on Fgo?

0:465:26[FGO] Update Game v.1.50.0 (SUPPORT SETTINGS AND ...YouTube

How can I recover my Fgo account? > CONTACT US, letting them know that you lost your account (explanation is not needed.) Once you send it, it may take a while for someone to get to you but dont worry they will reply back once they do someone will help you by sending you a list of questions about your account.

Where is Chaldea today?

Iraq Chaldea, also spelled Chaldaea, Assyrian Kaldu, Babylonian Kasdu, Hebrew Kasddim, land in southern Babylonia (modern southern Iraq) frequently mentioned in the Old Testament.

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