Question: Who does Igarashi Tora end up with?

Chiyo Sakurai (桜井 千代, Sakurai Chiyo) is currently a third year university student, a former student of Miyabigaoka High School and the fiancee of Tora Igarashi.

Who is Chiyo in Maid Sama?

Chiyo Sakurai. A third-year university student and Toras fiancé.

Who married Chiyo?

At the end of the manga, ten years after graduating high school, Tora is seen wearing a wedding ring and it is revealed the two were eventually married, which now makes her Chiyo Igarashi.

Why is Hatsumomo jealous of Chiyo?

Hatsumomo is jealous of Chiyo, who also has natural beauty and possesses rare bluish-gray eyes, like the color of rain. So Hatsumomo believes that when Chiyo comes of age, she will be a threat to her own Geisha status, since it would put Nitta in a great position to throw Hatsumomo out.

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