Question: Is Ena a female?

The name Ena is a girls name.

Who is Ena FNF?

ENA is a character that was made by Joel G, with the mod made by the talented rhubarb. The character was based on a Picasso painting, and is nicknamed Funky Picasso Painting. This mod replaces Boyfriend, and provides all sorts of unique changes to suit ENA and her personality.

Is Ena a game?

“ENA” is a video game you have to watch someone else play and that you arent allowed to read the manual for. For that reason, it truly feels like a fever dream.

What is ENA Series?

ENA is an animated series on YouTube and Newgrounds of short cartoons created by Joel Guerra. The series uses a mix of 2D and 3D animation as well as being based on the vaporwave aesthetic with many other inspirations taken from video games, art and music media.

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