Question: What does it cost to make a bra?

Why do bras cost so much?

More expertise going into a product usually translates to it costing more money. This, as well as big box stores not making a wide range of sizes, can also contribute to large bras being more expensive.

How difficult is it to make a bra?

DIFFICULTY. Bra making seems to have a reputation of being more difficult than regular sewing. For the actual sewing: there are 3 types of stitches bras use - straight stitch, zig zag stitch and 3-step zig zag. They are used to make the straight and curved seams you see in bras.

Is it easy to make a bra?

Making a bra might seem like an extremely complex sewing project, but it is easier than you might think. The first bra you make will be the most difficult, but after that you can reuse the same pattern and make lots of custom bras! Start by getting accurate measurements and choosing a pattern that you love.

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