Question: Who are the owners of Costco?

Is Costco privately owned?

Costco is a Washington corporation, publicly traded under the Nasdaq ticker symbol COST, with its home office in Issaquah, Washington.

Who is the parent company of Costco?

Sinegal opened the first Costco in Seattle in 1983. The Price Company (corporate parent of Price Club) and Costco merged in 1993 to become Price/Costco. In 1997 the corporate name was changed to Costco Companies, Inc., and in 1999 the present corporate name was adopted.

Who is the owner of Costco Wholesale?

W. Craig Jelinek (Jan 1, 2012–) Costco/CEO

How much money does a manager at Costco make?

How does the salary as a a Manager at Costco Wholesale compare with the base salary range for this job? The average salary for a a Manager is CA$79,127 per year in Canada, which is 3% higher than the average Costco Wholesale salary of CA$76,521 per year for this job.

What is the salary of a store manager at Walmart?

The typical Walmart Store Manager salary is $105,167 per year. Store Manager salaries at Walmart can range from $48,659 - $138,565 per year. This estimate is based upon 35 Walmart Store Manager salary report(s) provided by employees or estimated based upon statistical methods.

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